Here are a  selection of some of the fascinating medicinal plants found in our area, and there are  a lot more.

Benefits of Ants Nest
Benefits Ant Nest and Processing Method

Maybe we've often heard about the benefits of ant nestsin fact what is actually the ant nestAnt nest is actually derived from the medicinal plants of Papua regionSo why is it called the ant nestAnthill called because the tubers of these plants are symbiotic mutualism ant colony with the plants that produce the active compound that can be used to treat various diseases

In the ant nest contained flavonoid substances that can act as antioxidants in the body so it is good for cancer preventionTannins are astrigen that bind and precipitate excess protein in the bodyMoreoverin the ant nest also contained polyphenols and flavonoids are phenolic acidstocopherols (vitamin E) about 313 ppmalpha-tocopherol, magnesiumcalciumand phosphorus

How to Treat Ants Nest 
 Take the ant nest is approximately 200 grams 
 Boil 3 liters of water to boiling and then filtered and taken regularly for a month
 As a way to mix the ant nest is still in the form of nests (dry) that is by using a small cut and then hand in a blender until smooth inputAfter that input into a clean container
 For the prevention of drinking three glasses a day morningafternoon and evening. 

 As for the healing drink 3-8 glasses a day (× 1
For the size of the dosefor children under 10 years of age can be given to drink half the adult dose.

You also have to keep up with  drink a lot of water and nutritious food to speed up the excretion of toxins from the body.

Soursop fruit

Benefits of Soursop Fruit
Treating Ulcers
To treat ulcers with Soursop fruit is easy enoughPluck the strings skillfully soursop fruit is still young then Knead and stick it on Ulcer

Treating Diarrhea in Infants 
The trick is to take 2 to 3 tablespoons of soursop fruit is ripe and Drinks

Treating Bladder Pain
This disease is caused inflamed urine bagThe disease can be treated by making a compote of fruit soursop are half-bakedKolaknya made ​​from half-ripe fruit soursop are coupled with the salt and sugar.

Treating Hemorrhoids
soursop fruit can be to treat hemorrhoid disease by drinking water that is ripe soursop fruit 1 cup that can be taken twice a day.

Treating Cancer

By eating the fruit of this one, its  meaning we can also help to shut down cells that can cause cancer in natural with out  cause side effects and of course safe for our bodySoursop is also a useful addition to weight loss, hair loss and a keen sense of Mutah (nausea).

Noni fruits
Benefits of Noni Fruit
Benefits of Noni and How to Consume
Noni fruit is also called in our language "pace"  is one of the fruits that has a bad shape and scent is not pleasantBut behind all of that turned out to have the benefits of noni and exceptional propertiesBy consuming noni also be good and trueif not then the efficacy of noni can not you get the maximum.

Although noni is not attractive in terms of both form and flavoryet is one of the noni fruit with a sizeable source of antioxidantsThese antioxidants can counteract the radicals that can lead to decreased immune system.

Improving the function of the thyroid gland and thymus gland
By consuming noni fruit can improve the function of the thyroid gland and thymus glandTwo of these nodes has an important role in fighting infection and maintain immunityThe body will be susceptible to disease if this gland function decreases.

Can accelerate blood circulation and a healthy heart
Noni contains minerals that can widen blood vessels are narrowedThus the heart is not working too hard to pump bloodand blood pressure can return to normal.

Can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors

Indeed, if the body is contained cancer cells and primary tumors treatment is surgery or chemotherapyHowever, by consuming noni routinely and regularly at least be able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors from becoming bigger 

To consume noni you have to pay attention to the dose givenFor over 16 years of ageyou can consume noni juice 2 times a day once drank 25 mlAs for you who have not aged 16 yearsthe dose is the sameit's just that when it passed the first time one month consumptionjuice consumption is only at the time before breakfast.

Here's how to consume noni is good and right to get maximum usefulness:
 Take 2 or 3 large noni and half-baked with a typical yellow color but not smell.
 After the peeled and seeded, cut into pieces then insert into the blenderYou can mix it with fruit for an extra apple or grape.
 Once all the liquid ingredients and blend truethen mix the syrup to tastecan also add honey.
• Finallystrain and drink immediately while still fresh.

 Do not mix the juice with teacoffeeor alcoholic beverages because it can reduce or even eliminate the benefits of the noni fruit.
Reaction of consuming noni juice is the body will feel more refreshedsleep more soundlydigestive system cycle to be smoothand the more excited and increased moraleSo what are you waitingGood luck noni juice is nutritious! 

Areca fruit

Benefits of Areca Fruit or Pinang Muda

Benefits of Areca Fruit - Fruit Pinang had not in doubt that the benefits will be one phenomenal fruit because the properties are very diverseSo because of that on this occasion I will try to share this article Pinang Fruit Benefits for friends loyal blog readers efficacy Naturally this leavesfruit nut has the Latin name of Areca catechu and in English this fruit is known by the name of Betel palm or Betel fruit tree nutthis is because Penang is a type of palm that grows in the PacificAsia and eastern Africa.

For Indonesian Society already what else lives in a rural area is already very familiar at all with this one fruitit is because in certain areas betel nut can be made as one of the crops that become their livelihoodthere is usually a hold fruit factory By this betel to again become material in the manufacture of ink Batik or the otherWell in this article I will try to share the article Benefits of Fruit Pinang useful for our healthlet's look at below.
Benefits Fruit Benefits And Pinang To Health

Excessive Blood Out

Boiled water betel nut is also used to treat diseases such as excessive menstrual bloodnose bleed (nosebleed), soresboilsscabies and diarrhea.

back pain

Take some betel leavesMash the leaves and warmTenah crushed areca leaf compress on the sore spot.

Grate the betel nutsMix with a quarter teaspoon of whiting and water. Apply on the affected part.


Prepare two betel nuts then boiled in two cups of waterWait until the remaining into 1 1/2 cupsAdd a tablespoon of honey and mix wellDrink slowly to cure diphtheria.

The uterus shrink

Betel nut young women used to shrink the uterus after childbirthThe trick matchmaker ripe fruit and water to drink until the uterus back to its normal shape.

myopic eyes
To treat myopic eyesEnough with direct chewed and swallowed water.

Increasing passion

Improving men's sexual arousalThese properties are in the know because arecoline contained in the betel nutTake the betel nuts are not yet hardenedCut into small pieces then chew and eatAlternatively, take the betel nuts then crushed and boiled in two cups of waterWait until it becomes the cupBoth have the same efficacy.

Treating skin wounds.
The trickmeat young betel nut until finely groundthen placed on the injured body part.

deworming drugs
Prepare a quarter piece of betel nuthalf finger rhizome of gingerturmeric and half fingerAll the ingredients are boiled and then filteredDrinking filtered water is to cope with worms.

Strengthens the teeth and gums

Take some betel nutsSliced ​​into several piecesthen chew the slices.

Treat ear pus.
Way, take the roots of young betel nuts to taste, finely crushed, squeezed the waterClean ears first sick child with cottonafter that used as drops with betel juice on the sore ear as much as 3 dropsEar with cotton plugs to prevent water droplets does not flow outPerform routine every day until cured.

Mahkota Dewa Fruit

Benefits of Mahkota Dewa Fruit
Benefits for Health
Plant Mahkota Dewa have a tree that can reach 3 meters, and this plant is often made as a shade tree in the yard, and to the parents first fruit of this tree made in a very effective medicine for various diseases, because that's the well by this occasion I tried to share the article Benefits Mahkota Dewa fruit to all my friends who hopefully will be my theme memperaktekanya at home or as a reference as an addition to insight the future.
Fruit Crown god in trust comes from Papua or Irian Jaya, in Latin this fruit is known by the name Phaleria macrocarpa, Shape from Mahkota Dewa fruit is round, 3-5 cm in diameter, smooth, grooved, when young green and red color after the cook. White flesh, fibrous and watery. Seeds round, hard, brown. Rooted riding and brownish yellow. Propagation by grafting and seeds.

Well after finding out more about this plant Mahkota Dewa, now let us see what are the benefits of this Mahkota Dewa fruit for human body health, please see below.

Efficacy Fruit Mahkota Dewa For Diabetes Mellitus Drug Making way: Take the crown of god fruit that has matured as much as 5-6 pieces, then thinly sliced ​​with a knife and wash.
Boil the ingredients that have been sliced ​​in 5 cups of water, bring to a boil, and let the remaining cooking water to 3 cups.
Strain the cooking water, and refrigerate.
Treatment Method: Drink boiled water that has cooled 3 times a day.

Mahkota Dewa Fruit Benefits For Cancer and Tumor Drug
How to make: Take a few pieces of crown god, to be sliced ​​thin and dry. 5 grams of fruit pulp gods crown that has been dried in the mix with 15 grams of ginger and white,
10 grams and 15 grams of dried bitter chicken paws dry, wash out all ingredients.
Boil all ingredients in 5 cups of water, until the remaining 3 cups boiling water.
Strain the cooking water, and refrigerate.

Treatment Method:
Drink herb that has a cool 1 hour before meals. With a dose of one glass and a maximum of 3 cups a day.

Efficacy Fruit Mahkota Dewa For Hepatitis Drugs
How to make: Mix 5 grams of dried fruit pulp gods crown with 15 grams of Centella asiatica, 10gram and 15 grams of dried bitter leaves of the gods, wash all the ingredients.
Cook all ingredients which have been mixed with 5 cups of water until the remaining cooking water about 3 cups.
Strain the cooking water, let it cool.

Method of treatment: Drink boiled water that has been filtered 3 times a day each 1 cup.

Rheumatism and Gout How to make: Mix 5 grams of fruit pulp gods crown with roots sidaguri 15 grams, 10 grams of dried bitter, wash all the ingredients.
Boil all ingredients in 5 cups of water until the remaining cooking water to 3 cups.
Strain the cooking water, let it cool.

Method of treatment:
Drink 3 times a day each 1 cup. Potion drink at least 1 hour before meals. 

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