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Best jungle trekking ever
Julie F

I did the jungle trekking with the Adi team, with Ian! It was amazing, one of my favourite experience so far! Ian was a great guide and a really good chef as well. Everyone from the Adi team was very nice and helpful!

Reviewed December 6, 2022 
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                 "Great tour with Adi!"

Stijn W
Reviewed September 18, 2015 via mobile

We decided last minute to go to Bukit Lawang and it was the best decision ever. We went during high season so a couple of days before arrival we emailed some tour operators we found online. We got several offers but none of them was as good as the offer of Bukit Lawang - Jungle Trekking.

1) It is a local organisation 
2) The price is really competitive
3) The organisation financially supports a local school
4) The communication was accurate 
and personal
And we made the best choice to go on a private 3-day tour with this organisation. The tour itself was brilliant and well arranged!
Good accommodation on the first night (despite it was high season and we booked last minute), Adi picked us up from the airport personally, great food (lots of fruits), Adi took great care of us during the hike but also in the camp and it was great to see that Adi has passion for nature and this was the only thing that counted (instead of making money we saw in most other groups - we even saw some guides giving food to the orange utans to attract them for the tourists!!???! Really stupid to do that! It will make the animals aggressive towards peeps that don't give food which can be really dangerous).

If you plan to go to Bukit lawang I would definitely recommend Adi and Bukit Lawang - Jungle Trekking!!
Visited August 2015   

Perth, Australia
Highly recommended
Reviewed June 16, 2014
I met Adi on a visit to BL a couple of years ago and we became friends immediately. I found him to be honest, friendly and generous and willing to help with anything and everything.
Bukit Lawang was the most memorable experience of my trip to Sumatra and Adi added to that memory in a big way.
The orangutans and other wildlife were amazing and village and its people extremely friendly and accommodating. One of my favourite travel experiences to date.
Thanks Adi :) 
Visited July 2013 

Anna Bay, Australia
“Exellent jungle tours  in Bukit Lawang
Reviewed July 7, 2014
Firstly many thanks to Adi our tour guide for making this experience so memorable. We will definately be back with our family, who I know will just fall in love with this place as much as we have. Adi collected us from the airport and took us to our resort The Jungle Inn. Once settled we arranged to do a Jungle Trek to see the Orangutan's, at 55 I did not know whether I could make this trip but Adi took it very slow for us, which allowed me to climb at my own pace, stopping regularly for little breaks, it also gave us much time to see so much more, I thought I would only be good for 2 to 3 hours but I didn't want the day to end. Also we seen approximately 7 Orangutans including 2 babies, it was amazing to see them in the wild. Adi supplied us with lunch and much knowledge of all the trees and herbs that are good for medicinal purposes. Adi also took us to ride the elephants, which was a great experience. He is an extraordinary talented guide, his gentleness makes him special, his love of all nature and his years of experience are his highest qualities, this is not something that is taught but a gift that he obviously was
born with. He comes highly recommended for anything you want to do in Bukit Lawang or even further afield. He not only made our adventures an experience but also built a friendship that we will treasure, His talents are many, but his guitar playing is impeccable, a must to listen to his fine art. He is easy to talk to and is full of knowledge, no topic can be left untouched, just sit and talk as if you have known him for years. Thank you Adi for the experience and new formed friendship, we love your work and we know so many more will too..... just give him a go Jacky and RegSee all photosVisited June 2014

Moscow, Russia
The best guide in Bukit Lawang 
Reviewed June 4, 2014
We met Adi when searching for tickets to Malaysia. Adi helped us to buy the tickets without any commission and after proposed to visit islamic school in Medan to spend the lesson for indonesian kids. Me and my friend thought that it can be interesting and were right over 100%. Except a great experience to have communication with very educated and funny kids wе met really interesting and good people, Adi’s friends and we felt that we became friends for them too. We never forget these 2 days in Medan and always be thankful Adi for this chance. Thank you Adi!
Unfortunately we hadn’t opportunity to make a jungle track with Adi in Bukit Lawang. But I’m sure that it would be the same great adventure. Anyway, we have a reason to come back to Bukit Lawang again.
At last I want to say a few words about Adi - he is interesting, educated person and he is qualified guide with very good English and knowledge of herbs and medicines plants. But the main thing is that Adi is really good person and I’m happy to be his friend.
We want to wish good luck Adi in his job and say hello to his family :-)
Terima kasi Adi!  Daria and Sveta (Russia, Moscow, 2014). 
Visited April 2014

Anke and Pieter, Holland, 2012

Bukit Lawang is a beautiful little village near the river, next to the park with the orangutans. Adi is a professional and certified guide with a lot of knowledge of the jungle, who took us through the jungle for a day. It was a special experience and he is a very nice man. Call him for a good trip through the jungle and visiting the feeding platform. We created this short video for Adi after our stay in Bukit Lawang.

Brunflo, Sweden
A beautiful place that you will keep in your heart forever
Reviewed June 18, 2014
I was travelling to Bukit Lawang together with my father and some others 9 years ago, because he been there before and then he became friend with Adi and some other peoples, so he wanted to show me this place, that he thinks is magic. I wasen´t walking in the jungle but we was visiting the orangutangs. That was perfect, it´s so nice to se them so close in the wild. It´s a fantastic work they do to make them adapt to the wildernes again. I was going with a raft with mr. Adi and that was so nice. The nature is more than beautiful, the atmosphere is relaxing and friendly. You can sleep and eat good there. And the people are very friendly, helpful and honest. You really feel welcomed. It´s a small pearl in Sumatra that I want to visit again. Mr. Adi is a fantastic person that was so nice to meet, until today we still have contact. He is honest, helpful, funny, kind, professional in his work. He sings and play the guitar fantastic. It was an honor to meet him and a memory for life. Bukit is magic! I strongly recomend it to others! Visited February 2014

Brisbane, Australia
Make the most of Bukit Lawang - memories to treasure
Revieedw June 16, 2014
I was travelling with two friends a few years ago in Sumatra and we headed to Bukit Lawang knowing little, but were extremely lucky on our first night to get stuck in a rainstorm at a cafe owned by Adi Lukman and so fate played a part in us meeting a very knowledgable, friendly and caring person who we still call a friend many years later.
Adi goes out of his way to please others and has a genuine interest in making travellers comfortable and welcome. He is extremely knowledgable about the area and animals and you can trust your safety and well being with him %100, can't say enough except the easy decision is to book with Adi. He also works hard on building the prosperity of the local community through establishing a community organisation and training locals for employment, Really an awesome guy!  Visited June 2014 Ask Kerrie M 

Medan, Indonesia
Fantastic experience
Reviewed June 12, 2014
Two days one nigh we did jungle trekking with Lukman Adi and his awesome crew, that is so exiting, I cannot recommend them highly enough. We met many orangutans, babies and all, feed score of monkeys our fruit peel from breakfast, saw monitor lizards, hornbill / toucan, peacock, owls it was great. The food provided was all Gossong tasty and Lukman is both friendly and professional with a wicked sense of humour. His a local guide who have been taking visitors into the jungle for years and very interesting people. They all made sure the group bonded and made the experience richer. Rafting back the next day through the stunning scenery was perfect. After we back from jungle tour, we spent our good time at the restaurant with Lukman, his very good guitar player and good singing to. I will never forget my moment with Lukman in bukit lawang. My only advice would be take something to sleep on if you can, they do provide mats, but they are very thin and the ground is very hard. However this is a small issue. Also be aware that Lukman speaks good English. He will pick you up us from the airport and take you directly to the guesthouse the night before the jungle trek. Great guy, great atmosphere ... just do it.  Visited August 2013

Very very nice family runned guesthouse next to the jungle, lovely quite place with a beautifull garden with lots of fresh fruit! Try all the juices on the menu! ;) 
We did a 2 day jungle trekking with Adi, we made an reservation in advance by Nazzarudin! If you email him and make a reservation, you get the night you arrive for free, always good! ;) The price is very good for what you get! We saw 5 orang utans from very close! Adi was our guide, great guy, knows a lot of the jungle, the animals, the trees, the plants! Sometimes the klimb was a bit heavy for me, adi was helpful and will always do his best to make your stay there unforgetable! He carried fruit the whole time with him and we eat it when we had a rest for extra energie! Very nice!!! The day after the sleep in the jungle we went back to the guesthouse on the tubes!! A lot of fun with Adi!! 
We stayed a few more nights after our trekking in Batu Mandi, so relaxing in the hammock :) 
Such nice people and the food is good and the price even better! ;) My friend did again a tubing on the river with adi and a friend the day before we left!! They had a good time :)
We also went to the bat cave with Tarsim, worth a visit, it's not that far from the gueshouse! Tarsim is learning english which was already good to make a conversation, great guy!!! 
We had a time over there we won't forget!     


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