The School Project
The new school has opened on February 2015 and is situated a short 20 minute walk or 5 minutes by local transport from the main tourist area of Bukit Lawang. We currently teach English lessons twice a week, environment lessons and fun practical skills workshops such as building furniture, coconut shell carvings and making small bags from plastic.        Check out our school activities on:      We Care Program - Bukit Lawang | Facebook  
The school is part of a not-for-profit organization  and relies purely on donations.

Trekking for the school                                        
As we are only able to run this program through donations we hope that you will trek with us to directly benefit the local children. From our jungle treks and activities proceeds will go towards the school. Donations will go towards various educational material, the urgently needed desks and chairs and other school supplies.  Explore our Jungle Treks and Activities   section to see what we have to offer             

The We Care Program - Bukit lawang was previously set up by Adi Lukman and the team  ("Adi's Team Sumatra" ).  
The program aimed to redevelop the villages  hit by the flood and focused on replanting trees, waste collection of the debris and getting children back into education.

The program is now focusing on our new school, run by a dedicated team of local teachers. Our aim is to teach children in the local community English, key skills and about the environment, with priority given to orphans and the poorer children in the villages.

In order to provide free education the proceeds from our exciting jungle trekking programs and activities in Bukit Lawang will go towards the school. We hope you will be able to join us soon!

We also welcome volunteers who can help at the school, please see our Volunteering section for more details.

Best wishes, 
Adi Lukman and the team.
For more information contact us using the details belo
Call or text to:     +6282161735162
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Terima Kasih! (thank you in Bahasa Indonesian)



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